Study on impact assessment of the Environmental Crime Directive published

In 2021, Milieu with partners Ramboll and Gopa Luxembourg supported the European Commission DG Justice and Consumers to prepare a legislative proposal for the revision of the Environmental Crime Directive. The legislative proposal, adopted in December 2021, aims to improve the effectiveness of criminal investigations and prosecution. In addition to clarifying terms and updating the scope of the Directive, the proposal defines sanction types and levels; sets measures to strengthen the detection, investigation, and prosecution of environmental crimes, including cross-border cooperation; and aims to improve the collection and dissemination of statistical data on environmental crime. Milieu’s study investigates the impacts of the proposed measures, including their overall costs and benefits, as well as wider environmental, social and economic impacts. A separate assessment on the collection of statistical data proposes a pathway to developing common standards across the EU and the likely costs for Member States and the EU institutions. The publication of the study will support negotiations with the European Parliament and EU Member States during the adoption procedure. The impact assessment support study and the assessment on collection of statistical data can be found under ‘More information’ at the following link: