Environmental Policy Statement

Milieu, a consultancy focusing on environmental law and policy and other issues relevant to sustainable development, strives to put its environmental protection values into practice. Milieu seeks to understand the impacts of its activities on the environment, and to limit the negative impacts by adopting sound principles and practices, both within its immediate environs and in the wider community.

Relevant legislation

We comply with the requirements of relevant legislation and continue monitoring, auditing and improving environmental policies and practices.

Ecodynamic Enterprise Label

The Ecodynamic Enterprise Label is an official and free accreditation that rewards and encourages companies, non-profit organisations and institutions in the public or private sector in Brussels that take action to reduce the impact of their activity on the environment. In 2019 we started the labelling process and we are currently collecting evidence to support our application.

Responsible energy management

We try to reduce energy consumption by practicing responsible energy management, encouraging staff to use energy efficiently and using energy efficient equipment. For this reason, we decided to replace the majority of desktop computers for laptops consuming up to 80% less electricity than traditional PCs.

Sustainable transport

Milieu encourages all staff to travel to work on foot, bicycle or public transport on a daily basis. We choose train rather than air or car travel for missions to other cities and countries and offset all carbon emissions generated by air travel. We aim to minimise business travel by choosing video and audio conferences whenever possible. In addition, we provide a company bike that can be used by employees.

Less waste

We aim to reduce consumption and develop effective waste management and recycling procedures. We practice green procurement by sourcing and purchasing the least environmentally damaging goods – for example recycled paper for all our printing needs and the use of a drinking fountain instead of popular, plastic water dispensers.

Green kitchen

In the staff kitchen we use only reusable items. We purchase fair-trade and organic tea and coffee and we give priority to local suppliers offering organic products. We use only biodegradable, safe and eco-friendly detergents and cleaning products.

Green office

To improve indoor air quality, reduce noise levels and create a cleaner and nicer working environment, we have filled our office with greenery. It is scientifically proven that plants reduce stress and increase productivity.

Responsible use of water

We have installed water saving devices to use water as efficiently as possible.