Past events – shared material

In this section, we store presentations and documents related to the events.

The workshop focused on the critical theme of sustainable forest management, emphasising the preservation of biodiversity, through the presentation and discussion of the European Commission Guidelines published in 2023 and synergies with the activities of the Alpine Biodiversity Board of the Alpine Convention.
The event aimed to facilitate collaborative discussions among experts, policymakers, and practitioners focusing on biodiversity-friendly approaches to forest management. By sharing experiences, challenges, and best practices from various Alpine countries, the event sought to enhance our understanding of sustainable forest management and promote ongoing cooperation.




Download here the Event Summary (NOT AVAILABLE YET)

The workshop was dedicated to state-of-the-art scientific knowledge in forest ecology and silvicultural practices underpinning sustainable and closer-to-nature forest management as foreseen in the EU Forest Strategy 2030. Having in mind the objectives of EU policy on biodiversity, climate change and bioeconomy, the discussion focused on the spatial and temporal scale of applying the principles of sustainability in the context of a changing climate and its impacts; the criteria and indicators of sustainability and their thresholds at different scales; as well as options for their dissemination and uptake in forest management.

The objective of the webinar was to get an overview of the process of developing and applying the Primary and Old-Growth Forest mapping methods, to understand the different approaches across the EU. Specific topics have been addressed, among others, how the guidelines have been valuable in the process, what the national specificities or challenges encountered so far have been, and how different stakeholders have been or will be involved.

Download here the Event Summary