Within the scope of the framework contracts for the provision of external expertise on regulatory and policy issues in the fields of employment policy, social policy and social protection, and health and safety at work, Milieu and its partners have recently been awarded three interesting projects by the European Parliament.

In partnership with the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM), we have worked on the briefing concerning the thought-provoking and current subject of the mental health of workers in the digital era. Our task was to prepare an overview of available research focusing on the relation of new technologies and the mental well-being of workers in reference to both direct and indirect effects of digitalisation and automatisation of work. This project has already finished, and the results are available online: https://bit.ly/398kS00

Together with Istituto per la Ricerca Sociale (IRS) and Praxis, we are currently conducting a study on social sustainability which is one of the three equal pillars of sustainable development. We are not only trying to investigate the concept itself and its various interpretations, but also examining its translation into the EU context by addressing aspects such as the challenges the EU faces, best practices at multiple levels, and existing legislation and policies. Furthermore, we will provide recommendations for further action.

 We are also supporting Eftheia and HIVA – KU Leuven in the provision of in-depth analysis of “Platform economy and precarious work” examining working conditions in different types of digital applications or platforms which aim to match the demand for and supply of the paid services.

 The ongoing and past projects awarded by the Parliament give us a great opportunity to develop our expertise in these very compelling fields, and we are extremely happy to cooperate with such great partners.