Multiple Framework Service Contract in three lots covering Environment and Sustainable Development, Climate Change, and Public Health

With 81 members, the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) is today the largest committee of the European Parliament. This is a strong signal of the recognition that the European Parliament gives to protection of the environment, public health and the fight against climate change.

Milieu is pleased to announce that the ENVI committee has awarded Milieu and its partners with a multiple Framework Service Contract in three lots covering the following policy areas: Environment and Sustainable Development; Climate Change; and Public Health. These lots will be led by Milieu.

Lot 1: Environment and Sustainable Development
This lot covers all issues related to environment and sustainable development policies, for example air, soil and water pollution, noise levels and the protection of biodiversity, land use and forestry; waste management targets for prevention, reuse and recycling in the context of the circular economy.

Lot 2: Climate Change
This lot may cover:

  • Greenhouse emissions from various sources, including international aviation and maritime emissions;
  • Market-based options, low carbon technology-oriented policies and voluntary options to achieve emission reduction targets towards decarbonisation;
  • Adaptation and mitigation of climate change impacts;
  • Climate finance.

Lot 3: Public Health
This could cover, for instance:

  • Health programmes, lifestyle and prevention, vaccination and prevention;
  • Health inequalities across the EU and their management;
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

In addition, Milieu will participate in a consortium led by CIVIC in relation to Lot 4 on Food safety.

Under this framework service contract, Milieu and its partners will support the committee by providing expertise in these areas by carrying out studies, and providing briefings, analyses and workshops. We look forward to this great opportunity to assist the ENVI committee in its goals.