Milieu to lead the Framework Contract to support the work of Committee of the Regions’ CIVEX Commission for the next 4 years

Last month, Milieu was awarded the Multiple Framework Contract ‘for studies in the field of Constitutional Affairs, Multilevel Governance and Devolution’ by the Committee of the Regions CIVEX Commission. The work of the Commission is crucial for the fundamental processes and principles of the EU, touching upon subsidiarity, multilevel governance, better law-making, communication with the EU citizens and rule of law, among others. Together, these provide the backbone of policy making in the EU, making it possible to pursue and fulfill ambitious strategic goals like the Green Deal at regional and local level.

This means, for the next 4 years, Milieu and the project partners will support the CIVEX Commission in their work covering these diverse topics, contributing to better policy design and implementation in the EU, particularly from the perspective of local and regional authorities.