Linking The Planning Tools Emanating From EU Environmental Legislation And Policies With Funding Mechanisms

On 9 December 2020, DG Environment published a long awaited report on ‘Linking the planning tools emanating from EU environmental legislation and policies with the CAP funding mechanisms’. The approach of the new CAP is more flexible in its design and management giving more responsibilities to national authorities in meeting the CAP objectives while responding to the specific needs of their farmers and rural communities. In the course of the  study, Milieu and its partners,  assessed the extent to which measures included in environmental planning tools in the fields of water, nature conservation, and clean air policy meet the requirements for funding by different instruments of the new CAP. The final report proposes a set of preconditions that need to be considered when designing measures and a package of recommendations for the European Commission and national authorities on how to adequately design these environmental measures so they can be supported under the CAP Strategic Plans.

Please find here the full report and the executive summary.