Impact of EU chemicals and waste legislation on the defence sector

The European Defence Agency (EDA) recently published a Study on the Impact of European Chemical/Waste legislation (other than REACH and CLP) on the Defence Sector. Milieu carried out the study, together with REACHLaw. The study focused on the impact of four chemicals’ regulations (namely BPR, POPs, Ozone, F-gas), and waste legislation (RoHS and Waste Framework Directive), on the defence sector. Based on stakeholder consultation, the study recommends monitoring, awareness raising and exchange of best practice among stakeholders, including Ministries of Defence, to avoid disruptions in the supply chain. It also sheds light on the potential impact of the newly established SCIP data base on the defence sector. The study serves as a basis for the EDA to coordinate further actions aiming to mitigate a potential negative impact of the aforementioned legislation on the defence sector.