Citizens Moving Across Europe – Latest Insights From The 2020 Reports On Intra-EU Labour Mobility

For the 7th year, Milieu has analyzed people’s movement across Europe and the ‘2020 Annual Report on intra-EU Labour Mobility’ was just published by DG EMPL. It shows that the number of EU citizens living in another Member State has continued to grow, but at a slower pace than in recent years. The report draws a more detailed picture of this development as well as the employment situation of those movers. It also examines two specific topics:

  1. The mobility of high-skilled EU citizens – which countries see the strongest outflows of high-skilled movers? Which countries receive the most? What education do they have and what work do they do? What happens when they return to their country of origin?
  2. The potential impact of demographic change on mobility – how does age affect people’s choice to move in the first place? Is mobility likely to stay the same when the population gets older? And what other factors related to population aging might affect mobility within Europe?

You can find all the answers in the report.