The European Union produces up to 3 billion tonnes of waste every year. All this waste has a huge impact on the environment, causing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change, as well as significant losses of materials – a particular problem for the EU which is highly dependent on imported raw materials.

Milieu is therefore proud to support a consortium led by Eunomia carrying out a study for DG Environment on how to improve compliance with the so-called ‘essential requirements’ that are set out in the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive. They cover requirements specific to the composition of packaging, to the reusable nature and the recoverable nature of packaging.

The study will provide a range of options, from which a selection is made to be assessed for their impacts. For all retained options, the main economic, environmental and social impacts will be identified and assessed in quantitative terms. This includes an assessment of the possible impacts on overall packaging waste generation/overall packaging placed on the market by materials and types, the recyclability and re-usability thereof, job creation, greenhouse gas emissions, overall costs and benefit, and how these are distributed. Reinforcing the ‘essential requirements’ will help us being wiser with waste.