Nathy Rass-MassonAssociate Senior Manager

Areas of expertise
  • International environmental law
  • Legal & policy analysis
  • Data collection
  • Project management
  • Political sciences & economics
  • Masters in European affairs, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Sciences Po Rennes (IEP) and Faculty of Economics, University of Rennes I (FR)
  • Maîtrise in European law, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, University of Rennes I (FR)
  • Bachelor degree in law, Faculty of law, Abo Akademi University (FI)
  • Bachelor degree in Law, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, University of Rennes I (FR)
  • French, English, German

Nathy Rass-Masson is a French lawyer graduated from the University of Rennes I, France. She also studied at Åbo Akademi University in Finland. Nathy joined Milieu in April 2006 as a trainee, and then as legal advisor from October 2006 after having completed a Masters in European Law and Politics coordinated by the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Economics, and the Institute of Political Sciences (IEP) of Rennes.

Since joining Milieu, Nathy has worked on many different projects in various areas such as environmental law, fundamental rights, and occupational health and safety.

Nathy has managed many projects involving coordination, quality review and analysis of EU environmental law for the European Institutions. In particular, she has extensive experience managing projects involving coordination, quality review and analysis in the context of compliance checks of national legislation to EU requirements. She is the Project Manager of the current Framework Contract on Conformity checking of measures of Member States to transpose Directives in the sector of the Environment and Climate Change (2012-2016). Before that, she worked on conformity checking as part of the management team (deputy project manager in 2007-2009), of the quality assurance team (2006 to present), and was also a national expert for France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Nathy is currently Project Manager of a DG ENV Study to assess the benefits delivered through the enforcement of EU environmental legislation (2015-2016), where she coordinates the work of the economists, lawyers and data collection specialists and contributes to the drafting of deliverables while also ensuring their quality.

In addition, Nathy has developed expertise in the area of chemicals law. She managed a study to assist the European Commission in the review of the scope of REACH (DG Environment), which involved a thorough review of the REACH Regulation and about 170 EU acts to identify synergies and overlaps between the Regulation and other EU chemicals related legislation. She also managed a study on Inspections requirements under REACH and CLP (DG Environment), aiming to develop criteria and a strategy for inspections for the enforcement of the two pieces of legislation. Nathy was also Project Manager of a DG Environment study on REACH penalties covering the EU-25+EEA involving coordination of national experts and exchange with national authorities of all countries under study.

Besides her excellent knowledge of EU environmental law, Nathy has also gained significant experience in evaluation. She recently led the coherence analysis of a DG MOVE ‘Ex-post evaluation of the road transport social legislation and its enforcement’. She was also Task Leader in a project recently completed for DG Employment evaluating the implementation of the entire occupational health and safety EU acquis (24 directives) in the EU Member States over the period 2007-2012.

Nathy also has significant experience in analysing national legislation and drafting national reports for numerous studies for the European Commission and international organisations. At Milieu, she worked on several projects on the implementation of EU law, where she was not only involved in managerial tasks and legal analyses at the EU, but also as a French legal expert. Nathy has gained a profound knowledge of the French administrative law system, in particular through the prism of environmental law, which has a significant administrative law component, and involves complex administrative procedures. Nathy has also developed specific expertise in access to justice related issues, which involve a thorough understanding of the administrative procedural rules and principles. Nathy wrote her European law Master’s thesis on access to justice in environmental matters. She was also Project Manager of a DG Justice ‘Comparative study on access to justice in gender equality and anti-discrimination law’ in 2011.