Linus SiölandAssociate Advisor

Areas of expertise
  • Comparative research
  • Data collection
  • European social policies
  • Policy evaluation
  • Research and analysis
  • MSc Comparative Social Policy, University of Oxford, Oxford (UK)
  • MA (Hons.) Politics, University of Glasgow, Glasgow (UK)
  • Swedish, English

Originally from southern Sweden, Linus Siöland has a varied research background which covers both the private and academic sectors. He joined Milieu in 2020 following a traineeship at the European Parliamentary Research Service, and before that spent two years as a researcher of minimum income schemes, poverty and welfare at the University of Antwerp’s Centre for Social Policy. He has also spent time working in commercial market research and communications consultancy in London, prior to starting a career in research.

At Milieu his work has focused on social policy, employment and OSH, labour mobility and social scientific subjects more broadly. Since 2020 he is a co-author of the intra-EU labour mobility report for DG EMPL, and has also worked on inter alia the voting rights of mobile EU citizens; the European added value of democracy, rule of law and fundamental rights; and the effect of automation and AI on OSH. In his various roles he has gained extensive experience in qualitative research including stakeholder interviews, and while at Milieu has participated in a number of projects involving policy analysis, impact assessments, and the use of the Better Regulations toolbox. He also takes an active interest in the use of quantitative methods of analysis and in the graphical presentation of data and conclusions.

Linus holds an undergraduate degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Glasgow and a Master of Science in Comparative Social Policy from the University of Oxford.